Friday, February 29, 2008

Boston, Massachusetts March, 1770

The ropewalks were filled with men dressed in scarlet uniforms. It's hard to welcome British soldiers into the community when they enforce unpopular laws and then ask for kindness in return. A soldier's pay is minimal, but so is a Colonist's pockets after he has paid inflated taxes and purchased unnecessary stamps.

There is only so much indignation a community can bear. A quiet confrontation over an unpaid service is escalating at The Custom's House. Rocks and snowballs strike the red uniform and the accosted soldier calls for the guard.

Crowds swarm the patrol. Shots fire and five Colonial men lay dead. The wounded limp away.

Boston has been massacred.

Harrison Jackson

The Colonies cannot remain under British rule, Sam Adams will see to that. He is rash and his methods are not completely honorable, but he does ignite passion for a dream we all want. He will need John Hancock and me, but can any of us be trusted?

William Jackson

It all made sense while she was in England, but she had to find me. Sons of Liberty’s runs are best done by single men with no attachments. It’s hard to focus when she moves around in the next room, smelling of cherry blossoms, and reminding me that we are more than friends. She is a dangerous distraction, but one I need.

Abigail Matthews

There wasn’t much blood, but he fell as though dead. The British patrol will see that I hang. In the distance, their militant footsteps pound up the stairs, blocking my escape. The hand on my wrist is firm, unyielding, forcing me to follow. Will they take me to trial or will I die tonight?

Candace Worthington

I’ve always had an infatuation with military men…businessmen…political men. I’d prefer to keep this information from my brother, after all, he is more interested in keeping Boston under British rule. Well, that and a new Tory in town. She seems a little young for him, but if she can keep his attentions away from my social life, who am I to interfere with his dealings?